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Amit Pitaru

Brooklyn NY

Start With One

I currently lead comunity-driven innovation projects at Google Creative Lab. Our work typically starts by working together with one person to make something impactful with them and their community. If you have an idea for a project or would like to join one, don't hesitate to reach out.

Digital .. Interactive .. Audio Visual .. Art

With a background in music, coding and composition, in the early 2000's I was part of the Interactive Art scene and spent a good number of years travling and installing/performing the work in museums, galleries and events. Funnnnn. I promised myself to create a proper archive but meanwhile here's the Sonic Wire Sculptor and Rhonda together with my good friend James Paterson (Presstube).

For personal reasons I have stopped sharing work until very recently. I think I've now started again because of the emergence of worldwide community of artists tat support each other (this time around NFTs). I've missed that. I now post my work regularly on Twitter and am creating moderately priced energy-clean NFTs here and here for those who'd like to own one.


I helped found the School for Poetic Computaiton (and previously Kitchen Table Coders) with friends after many years of teaching at NYU ITP, Cooper Union and Pratt. I love teaching artists to code and coders to think cryitically. Though I have not been actively teaching for some time now I occasionally accept guest lectures.

Friends and Family

No achievement is made alone or worth the trouble without the support of friends and family. Thank you everyone ❤️


My twitter handle is @pitaru